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Others Ahead of Me on the Path

Considering my post in which I wonder if “I” is only what I think about myself, this week my email delivered two timely (one pithy) quotes:

“Each time “I” asserts itself and we identify with that process and think that is what we are, we experience suffering. When we are present with Life, in the moment, there is no “I” and no suffering. That’s the reason to practice redirecting the attention to thisherenow.” –  Cheri Huber

“Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.” – Alan Watts

That Dastardly Pirate in my Head

Days Without Pirate Attack:

Days Without Pirate Attack:

One excellent source of ideas and inspiration for my practice is Cheri Huber. In a recent blog post, she wrote something that opened another door for me.

“As long as we’re in relationship with the voices, nothing we do “counts.” No matter what we do, the behaviors are compared to an imaginary “way I really am” and are used as proof that I am what self-hate says I am.
I work hard, I’m kind to those around me, I even volunteer to assist those less fortunate, but the voices quickly point out that I’m pretending to be a good person. I’m faking kindness and concern, while deep down I’m selfish and judgmental—not to mention lazy, incompetent, greedy, and hateful.
How does self-hate come up with all that? It’s projecting. It says I am what it is.
And just in case that doesn’t do the trick, self-hate says that the fact that I “have” self-hate is proof there’s something wrong with me!”

After I read that, I realized one belief holding me back from letting go of the critical voices is my attachment to the “positive” voice: the one that says, “You’re the smartest one here!” “You see what the others don’t!” . . . and more. BUT, they are like the god Janus; they are two sides to the same coin, and neither is real.

Honestly, this is frightening. The positive voice has been what I relied upon my whole life to overcome the feelings from the negative voice of unworthiness and shame. As I breathe into the idea of letting them both go, I appreciate all they have done for me over the years, but it’s time they retired. Maybe to a nice little place where they can sit side-by-side on the Gulf coast.

Read the entire post and archive here: http://blog.thezencenter.org/from-the-guide

Sunshine, daffodils, and awareness

Days Without Pirate Attack:

Days Without Pirate Attack:

“Resistance is the force maintaining the personality you’ve been duped into believing is who you are.” – Cheri Huber

This recent email from Cheri was just too good and too deep to pass up the chance to keep it moving in the universe! She goes on to say, “The danger is that we see the whole process, but we continue to stay in the system. In other words, we fail to recognize that not only have we been wearing lenses, but the process by which we “see” is also part of the system. When we think we see clearly, it is still the ego-identity that is seeing “clearly.” So, yes, the lenses are off, but we have not yet dropped the process that creates and maintains the illusion that we are a “someone” seeing.

We’re meant to believe that “sometimes I’m identified, but most of the time I know what’s going on” That’s the lens—and that’s the process that keeps the lens in place! “You” don’t resist; the ego-identity illusion resists.

Removing that lens positions us to see the immensity of the fiction we’ve been living in. Waking up and ending suffering is the realization that there is no “someone” “doing” any of it, there’s only the process of the illusion of a separate self resisting Life.

This realization dissolves the Great Human Conundrum, the moral, spiritual, ethical puzzle confronting human beings for as long as there have been human beings asking that most profound of all questions: What??? What the heck is going on? How is this happening? How is it that I so consistently do not choose what I value and instead choose what I do not value? I want this and yet consistently do that. How are these decisions made? How is this possible?

You get the picture.

The simple, nearly incomprehensible, deeply unbelievable to conditioned mind answer to all those questions: What you think of as you, what you’re told is you, what you believe is you, what you refer to as you, is not “you.””

For more information, books, and links to Cheri’s work go to http://sanghamarket.org/keepitsimple/