I always wanted the “lightning bolt that would knock me off my horse” kind of spiritual experience.

I wanted to be fixed/cured/transformed with one sizzling shock.  Or one workshop or dream or near-death coma that would change me forever.  Honestly, I am still willing to do the coma if I can awaken as the person I want to be.

Most of us aren’t that lucky, though.  99.9% of us have to create a practice to deal with our ego-selves every day.  I have to stay aware and awake all the time to prevent a “pirate attack.”

Days Without Pirate Attack:  is public accountability of my mysticism and spiritual practice.  The pirates, of course, are me.  My normal response to threat and fear is to attack, blame, judge, and criticize.  My internal pirates plunder the treasured parts of my life.  Pirates cannot be trusted.  Pirates rarely telegraph their profession with an eye patch, peg leg, and a parrot.   Stop watching the horizon for a few minutes and next thing you know they’ve taken over the ship.

The metaphor works for me.  How about you?


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