End o’Year Gratitude


Two whole attack-less days!

The solstice is a few days past, the first moon cycle is coming to full, and the wonderfully arbitrary January 1st is coming a couple of days.  The habitual time to take stock of the past year and the coming one.

Mostly I’ve been sitting and watching the hummingbirds in the backyard here in southern Arizona.  I can make a huge list of “grateful for” off of that alone.

I accomplished my book-writing Hero’s Journey last year and there’s a lot to be grateful for in that.

I am in a resting stage.  Oh! How I am grateful for that!

I don’t know what my next Journey will be.  I realize I’m resisting the next one (a little? a lot?), and that will probably prompt the universe to sigh a bit, shake her head, and flick her fingers to do a bit o’cause and effect on me.

Here’s to the next adventure. 🙂