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What IF the Opposite were True?

This post from Very Smart Girls made me stop and think and then think some more. Asking that question is a powerful practice tool.


I’m tired.  What if the opposite is true?

I’m smarter than her.  What if the opposite is true?

He’s only doing that to make money. What if the opposite is true?

I have to get that done today.  What if the opposite is true?

Interesting results! Feeling certain of beliefs and, well, anything, limits my growth and experiences.

Give this practice a try.




I put this week’s post on my poetry site, Poetiosity.  All about trust.

Autumn is Nigh

I’m ready for Fall.  I think.  autumnLike I have a choice in the matter or any way to control the change of seasons.  It does seem early, though, to see leaf changes.  I expect the real changes to be in October (the best month).

I don’t have nearly the problem with winter that a lot of people do, and it makes me think of the Serenity Prayer: “the things I cannot change.”

Unlike what most people think of as the goal of a prayer, I think this one is always talking to my self even though it starts out with the word “God.”

My biggest problem, of course, is the lack  of that “wisdom to know the difference.”




The Volunteer

A volunteer plant showed up in a flower bed at work.  These are corporate flower beds with Stella D’Oro daylillies, dwarf yews, and well-trimmed flowering plum trees. I noticed what looked like the biggest dandelion seed puff I’d ever seen.


I had to look online to see what it was. Salsify.  A root vegetable that tasks somewhat likes oysters, supposedly.  I’m regularly reminded how much variety there is in our planet’s flora.

I don’t think this was planted intentionally — there are two plants in the bed — but they haven’t been pulled out by the corporate “gardeners.” Unlike a home gardener, maybe they don’t know it doesn’t belong.







Looking for Signs

What is it with signs?  It must be a low-level, human mind feature, since it’s been well documented since — well, since we’ve been documenting ourselves.


A favorite internet meme!

Saturday, driving to Chicago and whelmed by my pirates, this sun halo rode along with me. along I90.   Sure, it’s light refracted through the ice crystals of the cirrus clouds that morning.  Issundog it also a sign of a benevolent universe? Is it a message from a higher power?

How about something I noticed on my body just recently?  A couple weeks ago I was reading Ruby (by Cynthia Bond – superb book BTW).  A wise-woman character grabs Ruby’s hand, points to her palm, and says she has the Star of the Mystic mark, that she can’t avoid her fate.  I glanced over at my own right hand holding the book.  I see a star shape in the lines on my own palm.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau

Of course, I’ve looked at my hands all of my life and not seen that.  Does it matter?  Does it mean anything?  Or is it only valuable because I see it and I think it does?