New Year 2016 Goals

I did a good job last year – 2015 — with my goal.  I completed it each week as I had set out to do.  The goal evolved from postcards with gratitude listings to postcards with poetry that reflected the image.  I sent one card consistently to one person and the second card to many others, including businesses and random people.  I enjoyed finding the cards and poetry, as well as identifying the second card recipient.  The goal enabled me to connect with others in a memorable way and it also caused me to read and research more poetry.  I experimented a couple of times with creating my own postcards.  All you need is a good image, some Avery printable postcards, and a color printer.

Creating the ‘homemade’ postcards triggered one of this year’s goals.  For 2016, I will create and post weekly on one of my blogs.  I will post NLT Saturday each week, with the goal of posting Friday afternoon.  I will include a photograph I have taken and a post related to the photograph.  The post can be appropriate for either my poetry site or my awareness site.  My intention is to create consistency with my blog posts and instigate some visual creativity into my practice.

I have two other goals (specific and measurable cuz that’s the way to make them) for 2016.  I may write about these goals through the year, but for now I’ll just say they are (1) Re-learn French and (2) Write book.


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