Dug-for Beauty

Jan 6 Sunrise

Wednesday morning on my walk I noticed the lovely sunrise immediately.  I chased it block-to-block for wherever I could see it more clearly. Seeing the rare roses, pinks, and golds of the palette were as sweet as candy!

This winter has been warmer, but monochromatic.  Heather gray is the predominant color.  Looking out the window this afternoon, I see a sweatsuit gray sky, greiged, crusty snow, and dark puddles.  The parking lot lights have come on (it’s noon) already.  We’ve had so many gray days, I make sure I’m getting a Vitamin D daily.  (I’m in no danger of getting rickets.)

The glorious sunrise is the obvious choice for beauty, but there is a difference finding beauty in the gray today.  The light is softer, more like variations on a theme.  The farm field beyond the parking lot is slightly foggy and silvered.  The bare brown trees near the building take on sepia contrast tones.  The wet road is shinier. The rain leaves trails on the windows. The feeling turns one quiet, muted, pushing me to be home, with a small fire burning, a book to read, and a hand-made blanket covering my legs.

Dug-for beauty isn’t really about looking really hard, working for it or earning it.  It’s really reflective of your experience when you notice how much better looking a person gets as you learn more about him or her, how kind they are, and how much they like you.



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  1. Wilimena the dense

    2016 goal of visual element and post is inspiring. I looked at all the postcards yesterday and put them in a little book. I noticed the feel and the look of each one as I read the poem. Gathering them all together I could experience them in a different way–I was overcome with emotion in the quiet.

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