Self-pity is not Self-awareness

Days Without Pirate Attack:

Days Without Pirate Attack:

Two (frosty) zero days in a row.

Maybe sometimes in this human body and with a human mind, I will just have a sucky day.  or days. Can I list the “reasons?”  sure.  is that beneficial?  nah. It’s not beneficial because it keeps my attention on the idea that there are reasons I’m not happy other than the simple decision to be happy — no — matter — what.

What is that is so seductive to the ego-identity about a victim’s disposition?  Why is it so easy to go there?  How did I get the belief that happiness is ephemeral, fleeting, but sadness is consistent?

What am I getting out of self-pity?  It’s certainly not self-awareness, although I think I just realized:  that’s it.  That’s the trickster.


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  1. Whilhema the Dense

    Amen–you hit the nail on my forehead! AAARRRGGHH. Hey sometimes I just have emotions–I am human. It’s what I’m here for. If I’m sad- well let’s set up a self-pity task force right away to get to the bottom of this and publish a 350 page report about what it may or may not be. Every day being sunshine-rainbows and unicorns would be monotonous- eh? Feelings can be a blessing too. Maybe a sad feeling just changes my awareness and I notice different things. That’s a different kind of gift.

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