The Opposite of Lying

. . . is not telling the truth, but I’m not completely sure what it is yet.  I have been working on this idea for a poem for a few weeks now.  I asked some friends what they thought about truth:  do you believe in THE TRUTH (all caps, serifed font, floating about 45-degrees above our heads)?  Or is all truth subjective and based on each person’s point-of-view?  The query generated some interesting conversation.  I am not a person who likes to stick with safe subjects.

I keep noticing lines in songs (there are a lot of songs about liars and lies…) and conversations in movies about this concept lately.  Then, I had a passing thought today about someone, “Oh, it’s because she’s lying about her work, and it’s affecting other parts of her life.  She’s just not aware of it.” While this may be true, the key really is that if I am thinking this advice for anyone, it’s something I should look at for myself.  “I am not a liar” jumps right to my lips.

Research says we are all pants-afire!  I wonder if I could track myself for a week or so.  I really wonder where the prevalence of this thought-train is going to end up taking me.



  1. Wilhemina the Dense

    Yikes–this is so scary when I start to think of how I lie to myself–by ‘soft pedaling’ and ‘fluffing’ things up. Never mind- what I am telling other people. AAAAARGGH.

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