I’ve been reading a little bit each day of The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness by Peter Ralston.   Most mornings it kicks my butt.   The other morning I stopped reading at this quote,

“Why are you unhappy?  Because 99.9 percent of everything you do is for yourself – and there isn’t one.” Wei Wu Wei.

Immediately I remembered a quote from Neale Donald Walsch’s Communion with God*

‘’Indeed, everything that you have ever wanted, you are now supplying to others.  And the wonder of it all is that, as you give, so do you receive.  You suddenly have more of whatever you are giving away.

The reason for this is clear.   It has nothing to do with the fact that what you have done is “morally right,” or “spiritually enlightened,” or “the will of God.”  It has to do with a simple truth:  There is no one else in the room. There is only one of us.”

*Thank you, Jan, for helping me find exactly where it was in the Conversation with God series.

At first it looks like a paradox until you go back to the last line of the Communion  quote, “There is only one of us.”

No self, no other, just all.  Yeah.


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