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Practice, practice, practice

An Avatar acquaintance popped up from a couple years missing and triggered memories of what my life was like when I practiced those tools consistently and I had others with the same skills to meet with and practice.  My own recollection of the time was that everything was much smoother, I was happier (i.e., not as angry all the time), and change manifested ‘magically’ [sic].

This is really what my intention is for the next year.  Do the practice – daily.  I brush my teeth every day.  I had to learn that, and now I can’t imagine starting the day without doing it.  I make my bed every day.  I tried once to leave it unmade and go to work.  I made it a few blocks, but was so uncomfortable, I turned back home and make thviolete bed.

I believe this is the key — I need to notice my discomfort and associate the relief with the
tools to practice. Rather than wait for the magical-thinking day of January 1st, I started today.  I did two practices. They feel creaky and rusty, but they open up.  They are opening me up.  I can feel the ice cracking in my chest as I do the exercise  Releasing Fixed Attention using a plant in my sunroom.




The Long View

I am scheduled for jury duty at the  end of October. Speaking with a friend yesterday, I had a memory of the last time I did jury duty —  August 1984 in Los Angeles.  My memory showed a me from over thirty years ago.  Most of my memories show in observer view (i.e., I can see myself and my body in the view), and the me there surprised me with her callow youth.

The emotions that rose up were more than I expected.  I noticed behaviors I would no longer do — I think the additional age has something to do with it, but more likely my persistence with awareness practice.  I noticed — I am really different now.  I was surprised.  It caught me unaware and caused a physical reaction.


Planting a tree confirms the belief in small, incremental changes

It was like seeing a niece or nephew change dramatically when you haven’t seen them from age one to four.  Wow!  Except this period covered over twenty years.  Day-to-day, I don’t quite feel like an adult, but I got there somehow.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a long way to go, but I’m further up the mountain than I thought.