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The Observer Notices Spring


Snowdrops pushing up beneath the bird feeder.

If you live in the temperate zones, you are probably feeling the same way I am.  Happy the giant snow piles are nearly all melted and the temps are dancing around the high 50’s and low 60’s.  I’m itching to open windows and clean up the yard.  I enjoy weeding and find it meditative — that will be here soon.

Spring is my best reminder of the cyclical nature of life, whether at the macro-planet level or micro-me level.  In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been reminded that moods cycle for whatever reason throughout the day and the week.  I will frequently have no idea why at any particular moment the feelings in my body and the spastic voice in my head are screaming, “Run away, run away!!”  There’s no logical reason, and I’m learning that it just doesn’t matter.

In practice, to notice the feeling, label it, appreciate it (thanks, Avatar tools) and stay in observer view is the most powerful way to get through them.  Say, “This is weird,” right at first shifts me to an observer quickly.

Sounds simple.  It is.  I just have to get over myself.


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One of my favorite words.  It is how the mind finds a pattern in random data.  The key part of the word is the “idol” part and frequently the mind finds a human face or body.  The phenomenon is likely a survival/tribal mechanism.

This is a picture of a huge old oak tree on my work-home route. I see afav_treerms and a body with a woman’s breast. I like her (the tree) a lot.  She comforts me with her waves on the way to the office and distracts me from the Culvers’ chocolate sundae billboard in the next block on the way home. She stands near the road edge of a large farm property that (hopefully) will stay as long as I do.

I honor her — not worship like a Druid — as a powerful reminder of shared consciousness.  It’s easy to see a tree like this with some level of stoic awareness and as valuable a part of all that is as I am.

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