By Myself

Good or Bad.  Solitude or Isolation.  Being by myself.

I spent time up in Door County, Wisconsin, and the Great North Woods of Minnesota last week. (I consistently forget how big the Great Lakes are.)


Newport State Park, Door County, Wisconsin and Lake Michigan

Since it’s past Labor Day, the myriad parks in the area, were close to empty.  The solitude was the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature and meditate.  I meditated on the waves hitting the shore for over an hour.

This week I’m comparing that solitude to the feeling of alone and loss at home — my cat Emma has died.  She was quiet, but attentive, and the house feels much quieter and emptier without her small self.

It may be all about the label without judgment.  Or maybe it’s just grief.


One comment

  1. Wilimena the dense

    I am so sorry about Emma. I got chills when you mentioned the emptiness of missing her. It made me realize to what lengths I will go to NOT feel loss, emptiness or grief. This post went straight to my heart.

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