Are we all connected even if I don’t believe it?

IMG_0359In a meeting last week someone commented on how her compulsive eating affected others.  I have been stumbling around in an unknown and in a quandry.  I  would say I believe that all things are connected.  Yet I’m finding a resist accepting that my behavior — all of it, any of it — affects others unless I intend for it to.  Intention including both nice and mean.

Of course the universe thought it would be funny to send me a relevant email this week:

“We have to wake up to the fact that everything is connected to everything else. Our safety and well-being cannot be individual matters anymore.  If “they” are not safe, there is no way that “we” can be safe. Taking care of other people’s safety is taking care of our own safety. To take care of their well-being is to take care of our own well-being. It is the mind of discrimination and separation that is at the foundation of all violence and hate.”
–  Thich Nhat Hanh


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