The Flow


Who am I to expect my life to be completely smooth flowing?

Why do I think I am exempt from pirate attack?

Will I ever stop writing the same post over and over?

Yesterday was awful.  The “in my head” theatre was playing the world’s worst play.  Even though I was starring in the play, I hated it. In the moment I would have said I hate all of these people who are bugging me.  But I remember today that they are not real.

The irony of this truly absurd theatre was that I attended American Players Theatre on Friday night and saw Stoppard’s Arcadia.  If you know the playwright, Stoppard, at all, his language and settings require full-on concentration.  I kept widening my view back to see the actors on stage, the lights, and the back-lit trees and dark sky above us.  The bats swooped in and around catching dinner.  I enjoyed being in the audience as much as the play.

That should really be my goal.  Learn and practice widening back to see the “in my head” theatre for just what it is.


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