How the (my?) Mind Works

I get a kick out of noticing how my mind leaps and connects and storify-zes.  That’s its job. A lot of the time I can just observe it and be entertained by it.  Some times it whips a bag over my head and hoists me on to a ship headed out to”here there be dragons” territory in just an instant.  Maybe 60/40… maybe 70/30 on a good week.

This week on my walk and dropping off library books early in the morning, I noticed something shiny in the parking lot ahead of me.


When I got right up on it I thought:

looks like a wing

has venation like insect wings

maybe fairy wings

a fairy lost a wing

if a fairy’s wings get knocked off they plastify without the fairy magic

then the wing got driven over by a laughing teenager with the music too loud

fairy wings grow back, but they’re grounded until then


See? Very Entertaining.  At some point I went back to breath meditation….


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