Like new UGG Boots

This has been a good week.  Which makes me think, what makes a good week v. a bad one?

A few nights ago, while meditating, I actually felt the transition to a story in my mind starting and decided not to go into a story.  I noticed it was a choice for my mind to go into a story or not.  Not noticing after, but deciding before the story started.  Amazing, and also not.  The best way I can describe it is seeing something off on the horizon and turning away from it.  It took no effort whatsoever.  Oh!  Another analogy would be feeling like I’m walking down a hallway, seeing a door, but choosing not to open it and go in.

Since that night it’s been relatively easy to stay present most of the time. Everything is easier when I’m present.  There is a lot more beauty.  A lot more cool things to appreciate. Like my socks today, the lilacs blooming, and awkward goslings tumbling around.

I remember a scene in a Rainbow Rowell novel (I’ll have to paraphrase or spend considerable time looking it up to get it perfect, and I don’t want to do that).  In the scene, the characters had bonded over time in the college dining hall making cutting comments about the others there. After Christmas, one snarked about some girls wearing their newly gifted UGG boots.  The other said that she wanted to live in a world where getting new UGG boots for Christmas was still awesome. (That’s the way I remember the scene.)

I’ve spent most of life working to sound cynical and worldly (cool?), but only achieving sarcastic and mean.  The irony is being present is truly cool and when I’m present I’m beyond caring.


my cool socks today


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