Self-righteous Pirate

Days Without Pirate Attack:

Days Without Pirate Attack:

Over and over and over! How many times?!!

My mental talk this morning chided an acquaintance that he always has to be right, he constantly corrects others, making him unpleasant to be around. He rants on political issues and calls anyone who disagrees with him stupid. I imagine myself having a conversation with him for this own good and enlightenment (how generous of me…). Then, ick, I notice that I am doing that exact same thing. “But I’m not THAT bad,” I console myself.

So, what happens when I get to work? Of course. Another place for me to point out that a team member isn’t doing her tasks the correct way. I let the email go on for several volleys. I even got to type almost the exact words, “see, I’m right.” Only when a third-party intervened did my smugness dissolve. Nearly into tears.

Define self-righteous: Having or showing a strong belief that your own actions, opinions, etc., are right and other people’s are wrong.

This concludes the flagellation portion of our program, ladies and gentlemen.

Now that I’ve let that out, I see that the reward and punishment part is an integral part of the identity.

Time to regard this identity of mine with compassion, love and kindness. And a walk outside will feel good, too.

“Everything that is in agreement with our personal desires seems true. Everything that is not puts us in a rage.” – Andre Maurois


One comment

  1. Janet - Wilemina the Dense

    Wow-I often see my Pirate Rage come up, when THEY are WRONG and I am ‘RIGHT.’ A good insight to start the day.

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