How many signs does it take?

I attended a project management webinar yesterday discussing Power of EQ Leadership w-Joie Seldon The presenter did an excellent job prodding us to think of our emotions, particulary fear and anger, in new ways.

from The Power of Emotional Intelligent Leadership

Joie Seldon showed this slide which triggered a new point-of-view for me.

I sent to a friend who responded with an email prompt dated today and a quote:  “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” George Addair

Finally, I’m cleaning through old emails and see this sign in a weekly email from SARK.

decideIn no way, do I believe that there is some entity placing these signs in front of me like a benevolent Marketing Director.  I do, though, believe these quotes and signs are all there all the time, it is just me noticing them.  The question, then, is what triggers my notice?   Some might say when you are ready, the teacher appears.  What does “being ready” mean?

Is what appears to be instantaneous, really a very slow, subtle process?  Is it only that final moment the signs move up to a level of awareness that pops into my daily thoughts?



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