World’s Strongest Librarian

Josh Hanagarne has written a superb memoir in The World’s Strongest Librarian.  He’s been keeping a fantasticly interesting blog, too.  Same name.

I love a book that makes me think, makes me question myself, and makes me look up stuff.

Hanagarne is so refreshingly open and vulnerable throughout the whole book.  This is evidence (hey, writers, pay attention!!) that the more personal and specifically you write, the more likely others are able to identify with you and your book.  Counterintuitive only at a glance; when you think about it, it underlines the universality of the human experience.

He writes, “A mind that no longer questions only fulfills the rudimentary aspects of its function. A mind without wonder is a mere engine, a walking parasympathetic nervous system, seeing without observing, reacting without thinking, a forgotten ghost in a passive machine.”



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