Body Archeology

My highest recommendation for body work in the Madison area goes to Gregory at Body Archeology.  This past week I had an amazing session with him.  He spent the time discussing my body history (my words, not his) and needs.  We decided it would be best if he work intuitively during our session, with whichever modality he felt would be right.  Most importantly, I was willing.

He included massage, trigger points, reiki, reflexology, and other techniques I can barely remember.  I surrendered to the experience and opened the door to whatever beliefs would arise.  My most profound ah-ha was that I sometimes used my body to protect others and my self (two words intentional).  I don’t have to do that anymore.  I am safe.   I am tearing up as I remember the experience.

Gregory creates a hugely generous and accepting space from the time you walk in the door until long after you get home.  After leaving the building I wandered about the Capitol Square for a while in the drizzle feeling a rare combination of expansion and wooziness.

He’s very busy, but is definitely worth the wait.


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