Over a week!

I don’t have a number icon for that long without pirate attack.  What I’ve been doing is:

1.  Deciding to be nice when I get in the car in the driveway each morning.  I have a little OCD about the garage door, so I have to stop in the road, turn back, look at the closed garage door and do a sort-of “jazz hands” and say, “Closed!”  Sometimes I say it two or three times.  (I have to do this, really.  Otherwise, I’ll get blocks away and panic and have to go back and make sure the door is closed.  sigh.)  Now when I turn to go forward, I say, “I’m nice today.”

The most interesting beliefs I’ve found that come up after saying, “I’m nice today,” is that I believe nice people aren’t: cool, sophisticated, intelligent, etc.  How did we get to the cultural beliefs that being a disdainful, snarky, smart-ass is better than being loving and kind?  This feeling makes me want to cry.

2. Write haiku in my head while I’m driving.  Haiku (5/7/5) can be about anything, but traditionally describes nature or uses nature as metaphor.  The great 17th century poet, Basho wrote mostly about natural subjects and I can easily see him (today) driving along an Alabama highway composing “A field of cotton”:

A field of cotton

A field of cotton–
as if the moon
had flowered.

I can also see that he had his own pirate attacks to deal with:

The morning glory also

The morning glory also
turns out
not to be my friend.

A worthy goal, don’t you think — to emulate Basho?




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