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What am I Feeling? Yes, I do have to ask

number five

days without pirate attack

I’m persisting in bringing myself back into today; I keep slipping into next week when I potentially have jury duty — wondering what it will be like? Where will I park?  How will I get lunch?  Can I work while I’m sitting there?  Should I work while I’m sitting there?  It’s a great opportunity to practice awareness exercises, especially the Avatar Compassion Exercise.

This week I started doing a Vipassana-like query of myself after each meal and answering myself.  It’s been interesting.  When I am done with the meal I ask myself, “Are you full?” I answer back (so far every time has been affirmative), “I am full.” I ask myself then, “Are you satisfied?” I’ve been able to answer, “I am satisfied.” I focus my attention on my stomach, throat, mouth, and then go out from there to see how my body feels.  I end with “What else are you feeling?” These answers have been all different.

No matter whether the answer to the last question has been a ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ response, I have been able to keep an observer viewpoint while feeling that feeling.  It’s been informative and keeping me from the desire to eat compulsively.  For this current meal.  It’s been good.