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truth_about_cometsAt the Crystal Bridges museum in Bentonville, Arkansas, I was entranced by this painting, “The Truth About Comets” by Dorothea Tanning. I have no idea what it means.  But, how can you not love a painting with mermaid girls in the snow? Girls who are wearing great hats! Comets streaking through the grey sky!  A stairway that goes up into a tree, or is it a tree that grows down into stairs?!

This is my picture, but there’s a better one here.

The sky has been cloudy and grey here lately, but no snow yet.  As I look out onto the deck stairs that lead down to the backyard, I’m looking for mermaid girls…


Art helps you see things differently

Crystal Bridges museum in Bentonville, Arkansas, has been open since 2011, and on my “to visit” list since then. I finally got there earlier this week. I had very fortunate timing for unseasonably warm weather and the special exhibit  (The Art of Dance in America).

This is a great museum in a lovely location in the Ozarks.  I could go on about the collection, the building, and the grounds.  Go for a visit!  Most of the museum is free, but the special exhibit cost $10 — a bargain.

I noticed that all of the art I looked at in detail triggered new viewpoints for many things. The more art I saw, the more things looked different.