Sad Weekend


days without pirate attack

I read my friend, Paula’s, post yesterday morning A Sad Day.  I sat out in the backyard and cried for a while.  I am staying in my “very sad ” this weekend, too.  Not because the memories of my own assaults came back.  Not because I remembered others’ stories.  I am sad because it feels like those senators just don’t care.  They may believe Ford, et al.  But their actions tell me that they don’t care compared to what they want.

The stories of girls and women, boys and men who were bullied and assaulted may or may not be believed, but the powerful just don’t care about our feelings if it gets in their way.

(I can’t find the link right now…) I read a very good self-effacing man’s confessional this week, wondering if his memories of how he had treated women were the same as theirs. He asked and found out he had hurt at least one, so he publicly apologized. Had K. been emotionally mature enough to respond this way, I believe we’d all have responded much differently.

Senators, you should take away another lesson from this week:  humans are designed to remember when they’ve been hurt.  And you just did it to us again. WE WILL hold it against you.  Guaranteed.



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