Taking Risks

My book, Exploring the Magic of Your Hero’s Journey, is due to launch September 9th. Now that the writing is done and I’m wrangling issues like the cover for the paperback, the author page, ISBN, etc., I’m left with the space to wonder,  was writing the book a risk? Was publishing it a risk?  Did I take a risk? I’m thinking about the same content for a children’s version.  Is that a risk?

I bought a house last week.  Was that a risk?

I plan on working remotely for several months in the winter.  Is that a risk?

Am I taking risks in my life?  Why would I want to take risks?  Isn’t feeling safe necessary to successfully get through life?

greatwhiteshark7Certainly everything in life has some risk to it.  Humans are programmed to see completely unrealistic, low risk events as fearsome (e.g., shark attack) and to see events with high risk and high probability as nothing to be afraid of at all (e.g., driving a car to and from work every day).  Even for real pirates dysentery was a more probable risk than sharks.

When I started writing the book, I didn’t think of the risk of the personal content I would divulge. My editor recommended I change the angle of my own Hero’s Journey from shamanic work to writing the book because the writing angle was so much more accessible and marketable.  I resisted.

I thought about that potential change for two days and talked about it with friends.  I decided I had to leave my shamanic journey in the story and I had to add more of it or the book would not be my truth. Opening up and sharing that part of myself still feels very risky.  Will there be any reward?

Stacia Pierce said it well in her Huffington Post article:

“Once you have become accustomed to taking risks, you break free from the average way of living and thinking. Instead of fighting to stay safe you gain the momentum and confidence needed to welcome new opportunities in your career or business. Risks build your self-confidence and self-respect, empowering you to feel stronger and more confident in taking on new endeavors. When you are open to new challenges you position yourself to profit a whole lot more than you would just staying the same.


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  1. Wilimena the dense

    Risk: Some days I feel like everything is at risk: They will fire me and I will immediately become a bag lady. Other days: should I just leave everything and go somewhere else and start a new life? So your examples really got me thinking.

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