Gratitude etc.

With Thanksgiving behind me, but still enjoying the long weekend, I think about what I’m grateful for in the macro and micro.  I’m grateful today the sun came out after almost a week of very grey.  I’m grateful I was able to fix a bird feeder myself rather than just throw it away and buy a new one.  I’m grateful I’ve done a review of my regular bills and found ways to save some money and redirect it.

Today I realized something about my feelings, too, and I’m grateful (sort of).  I realized the anxiety I’d been feeling in the last few weeks — well, I realized I’d


Building wall in Bentonville, Arkansas

not felt it before because I ate over it.  I was judgmental of anyone who showed their anxiety.  I had it too, turns out, I just couldn’t feel it because there was a Snickers bar (and a bowl of ice cream and a brownie) sitting on top of it.

I don’t know where the anxiety has come from, or if it even has a single genesis.  I know why I ate to cover it, though.  It feels awful!  I don’t have any practice dealing with it.  Sixty years of putting hot fudge on it…



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