I did not get That

I receive regular emails from the Zen Monastery Peace Center (Livingcompassion.org). This week it threw me for a loop:asters

Student: At a recent retreat, one of the facilitators mentione
d that
if I am not having fun, I am not practicing
awareness. So far my experience of practice is that it is hard… it’s not fun.

Teacher: For whom is it not fun?

“For whom is it not fun?”

What a profoundly simple question, and yet one that
has the power to confound us completely!

Read the entire post at http://us1.campaign-archive1.com/?u=32140a0081e9c5c40c022ccb2&id=c5fbbb3fc5&e=cffd5c43c0

Fun?  Huh.  I did not get that, let alone who was the one not having fun.

This one might take a while.




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