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Since I read Thich Nhat Hanh‘s poem (below), I have used it near the end of my morning walk and at times (frequently…) of pirate attack.

I’ve heard the Plum Village monks sing it, too, so it could be called a song.  I just realized, maybe I should sing these, not just say them.  I know singing changes the brain in ways speaking doesn’t.

“I have arrived; I am home
in the here, in the now.
I am solid; I am free,
in the ultimate I dwell.”

I’ve been struggling with Step 3, so I wrote a similarly metered poem to remind me of my higher power and that key word, “decision.”

“I decide, again today
I turn over my will; I turn over my self
to love, to love.
What shall I do then, as love?”

These both work best for me done slowly in a walking meditation.  But sometimes I just have to find an empty conference room, take a few deep breaths, say it, and blow my nose.




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