Not a crazy idea to me

The second-most interesting attribute of any belief is that the person believing it feels it is obvious and logical. The most interesting attribute is that someone who does not believe the same way feels it is completely illogical and wackadoodle (poetic license).

I believe that our consciousness/soul is not individual, but shared by everything (every person, every thing, etc.) I believe we are actually inside or permeated by the soul – it’s not limited to being inside or a part of each of us. We have the ability to be attuned to it and aware of it – perhaps the only beings that can. or…the only beings we know of that can communicate that we are aware of consciousness. As Thich Nhat Hanh said, “…we are aware we are aware.”

For me, this view is the only one that makes sense when you remove the ego and our need to perpetuate the “I-self.” My book, The Soul We Share outlines my journey to this belief:

“We are part of it and, at times, aware of it.

Aware that we are one with all, and without this human form.

We share it; we move through it and with it.

So does everyone and everything.

Everyone. Everything. No one thing has any more value than another. Yet, every thing contributes to the whole.

The whole is not only greater than the sum of its parts; the parts are aware of and are the whole at the same time.”

 ~ The Soul We Share

Today I watched a TED talk by David Chalmers, “How do you Explain Consciousness?” Watch the talk! It’s fascinating. In it, he speaks of two crazy [sic] ideas: (1) consciousness as a fundamental building block of the universe and (2) consciousness is universal – panpsychism.

Dr. Chalmers, they’re not crazy ideas and they’re not mutually exclusive.



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