Not a resolution, but a commitment

I’m not much for resolutions with a new year. I know this milestone is arbitrary, of course. Maybe I should think about resolutions at the vernal equinox, summer solstice, or the earth’s aphelion [that’s a word for a poem, yes?].

Rather than make it a negative (stop eating cookies!) or completely personally-focused, I’ve decided to make a resolution that will enhance my practice for gratitude and awareness. On the Deer Park Dharmacast (podcast) this week one of the Buddhist nuns spoke about two friends who sent postcards to each other listing five things for which they were grateful. What a wonderful idea!

I’m going to do a similar practice. I’m calling it “a postcard of a small thing.” I commit to sending two postcards a week to two friends. On it I will note a small item of beauty, gratitude, or an insight. I figure I can schedule it for Fridays and get them out by the end of the weekend. I feel more comfortable putting it on a schedule.wisconsin postcard

Hmm, I wonder where I’ll get postcards around here that don’t all extoll the glories of cheese.

It will be fun to find postcards, to see if I have to “come up with something,” or if I will have something to write ready. Best of all, I’ll be sharing and connecting more this year. If I eat less cookies along the way, well that’ll be good, too.



  1. yourlittlesister

    finally read one of your blog entries and I laughed (finding post cards not about cheese) and had a rush of loving emotion toward a wonderful sister (mine).

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