Being kind to myself

I thought I was treating myself well.   I got a massage regularly.  I got facials and pricey haircuts.  I showered with Yves St. Laurent fragrance.  I bought only food I loved.  I was kind to myself in the realm of “bubble baths and brownies,” as my sister so eloquently put it.

In what matters most, though, I was unaware how stingy I was.

To be kind to me, I talk to myself as I do a friend in pain or a child in need of understanding – with love, patience, and kindness.  My critical voice is so quick to respond.  Eventually, she will stop responding.

The kindest way I can treat myself is to live the life I love, doing work I love, spending time with those I love and reflect that back to me.  The meanest treatment I can give myself is to limit myself.


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