Enlightened-One as a Costume

Until this last Saturday I wouldn’t have thought being an Avatar could be just another way I use to be “right.” Surprise! Turns out it was pretty easy to slip into the “I’m more enlightened than you” costume. It’s the wizard hat that makes it so stylishly compelling.

Days Without Pirate Attack

Days Without Pirate Attack

I realize that there are a lot of intellectual aspects to awareness and consciousness that are completely engaging and entertaining.


Knowledge of the mechanics of consciousness easily masquerades as experiential awareness. The litmus test is instantaneous: am I in appreciation? Am I in feel?

Frequently during the past few days I’ve noticed how quickly I slip into judgment or how easily I let one of the voice/identities take over me. I’m practicing with, “Whoa! Get back here,” and “Stay here,” etc. Being. Here. Now.

It’s been a good four days.

One comment

  1. Janet - Wilemina the Dense

    Indeed and oh how I want to be seduced by my mind. Yes-please tell me ‘I’m right” over and over again. Show me some of the same old judgments, tell me a story. Staying present requires that my mind stays quiet or at least keeps her voice down.

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