Days Without Pirate Attack:

Days Without Pirate Attack:

I’ve been doing belief work for years now — especially looking for transparent beliefs (ones I operate within, but am unaware of). Recently I tripped over a slightly different belief: I have rules that I function within and if not, feel extremely uncomfortable without. Underneath these rules, I’m certain, are beliefs and experiential proof of the “consequences.”
One rule I know I have is: I must be on time. I must be at work on time. I must be at the appointment on time. I have been experimenting with pushing my own edges on this rule this week. I don’t know yet what’s underneath it, but I do know that it is making me very uncomfortable to get to work at [slightly] random times.


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  1. Janet Sobczyk Ahonen Calabrese D'Neim etc, etc, etc.

    If one is always, always, always on-time then one can judge those who are not. Underneath that is perfectionism– the thief of happiness.

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