“I’m just trying to show up and be a good worker”

I DVR Charlie Sheen’s new show, Anger Management. I like it. (I keep hoping for hints for my own anger issues.) Watching a show last week, I was pleased to see Brett Butler in a small, supporting role. She discusses her hiatus articulately in a NY Times article. Many parts resonated with me, but especially her self-awareness!

“And now, 15 years later, Ms. Butler is slowly making her return to television. “She’s awesome,” said Mr. Sheen, who shares a manager, Mark Burg, with Ms. Butler. “Seriously, I think she’s forgotten what a comedic genius she is.” Sobriety, finally achieved after some attempts at rehab and what Ms. Butler regards as divine intervention, wasn’t the hardest part, she says now. It was coming to terms with the damage she’d caused, to others certainly, but mostly to herself.

“I don’t recommend journeys of forced enlightenment,” she said. “I spent a long time trying to dig my way out of being unforgiven for how bad I’d been in Hollywood. I would meet people I’d never met before, and they’d say, ‘I hear you’re a monster.’ ”

She spent the first few years after “Grace Under Fire” in what she calls a self-imposed exile, rarely leaving her house, rejecting the few offers of work that came her way.

“I thought maybe by taking myself away from everything I was good at, or punishing myself, it would correct something in the universe,” she said. “But that didn’t help anybody.”

It’s enlightening; read the entire article here:


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